How I Got my agent

December 2021 (The Short Version)


I compare my writing journey to Disneyland’s Space Mountain: dark, fast, and twisty. (Also, I cried the last time I rode Space Mountain — as an adult — so that’s an apt description too!)


I owe a great debt of gratitude to my Author Mentor Match mentor Tracy Badua for whipping my MG manuscript into shape. Under her expertise, I improved my writing and found a real passion for the MG voice and storytelling.


The book with which I signed my agent was my second completed novel. I wrote it in October 2020 and signed with my agent nine months later after a stellar #PitMad round that lead to multiple offers.


While my second book took off like a rocket, my first novel, a YA sci-fi, took two years, underwent three rewrites, multiple edit letters and a full ‘80s movie training montage. While AMM got me over the finish line, I will ALWAYS credit my WriteMentor mentor, author Marisa Noelle, for teaching me foundational skills, and my Avengers mentor, author Kess Costales, for fine-tuning those skills. 


Thanks to Marisa and Kess’ brilliance, I figured out how to effectively write a story and was able to outline and write my second book in a month. I’m a strong believer in “no word is wasted,” and indeed every word in my first book helped me become a stronger writer for my second. I hope to continue growing my skills with each new manuscript. 


With both books, I was in the query trenches for one year, seven months with several breaks as I did three mentorship programs: WriteMentor, Avengers of Colour, and AMM.


During that time, I queried my books to 60 agents and participated in six Twitter pitch contests. 2020-21 was quite the roller coaster!



The “Long Version” complete with photos coming soon.